I created this blog to spare my Facebook friends from my periodic rambling statuses. I try to keep this somewhat coherent, although I don’t plan to restrict my subject matter too much. That said, I’m trying not to make this blog too diary-ish; I’d rather write things that people might actually want to read. So while the title is “owly words” (because I call the owls I work with “owly-birds” and I love a good bad pun), that doesn’t necessarily suggest anything about the blog’s content, although I would guess that this blog has more owl-related content than your average reading material.

As for “about me,” then: My name is Laura. I got my bachelor’s degree (double major, Linguistics and Sociology) from Indiana University in 2009 and my Master of Library Science degree, also from IU, in 2012. Meanwhile, I work in IU residence halls and I hope to eventually find my way into a career in student affairs administration, ideally in residence life. I volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center here in town, and I mostly work with raptors. I’ve loved owls since I was a baby, and to answer the question I always get, no, my owl obsession is not related to Harry Potter. Other than raptors, I love nice pens (try the Pentel Slicci .25mm and the Uni-Ball Signo DX .38mm), a shitload of music (try Radical Face, The Lonely Forest, and Tricot Machine), and good bad puns (“I had a hard time following Schindler’s List, but I was able to figure it Auschwitz a little concentration.”)

I’m a liberal atheist lesbian, which apparently scares some people. I’ll give you our secret agenda right here: We’d prefer that people not be jerks to each other.

Anything else you need to know, feel free to ask. šŸ™‚


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