Catching Up

I’m seriously awful at keeping up with blogs. It’s been over 4 months since I last wrote. Don’t think I haven’t considered blogging in the past four months, although every time I go to click on WordPress, I get shot down by the inner voice of shame that dreads the awkwardness of popping back up after several months of blog-silence.

Today, however, I’m stuck at home with what was once a migraine but has now dwindled into a disgusting postdrome hangover-feeling with residual dizziness from the prescription I had to take twice this morning. The headache I woke up with refused to go away until I finally killed it with 4 Advil, 100mg of Imitrex, and a dose of Excedrin Migraine. Yeah, there was no way I was going to be anywhere near functional at the office today, even if I had been able to drive myself to work without blacking out. Now that I’m no longer whimpering in pain, though, what better to do with my time than catch up on blogging? Not like I’m getting out of bed today.

So, pretty much the biggest deal lately is that I finally finished my master’s degree! I turned in my final paper on May 3rd, so I’ve been done for exactly 3 weeks now. Feels goooood. I ended up writing the paper on the USA PATRIOT Act and its implications for information freedom in libraries. I thought it was kind of rambly and repetitive, not the best thing I’d ever written, but it got an A-, so I’m happy with that. I now officially have a master’s degree in library science, class of 2012.

Another exciting thing is that I’ve joined the education team at WildCare and I’m getting to do super-cool things like work with my favorite bird and help raise some adorable baby geese. Favorite bird is, unsurprisingly, an owl. A Eurasian barn owl, to be precise, named Valentino. I work with him on Saturday afternoons now. He’s in flight training, which basically means we’re teaching him to fly from one person’s glove to another on command. Very cool for programs, because it demonstrates barn owls’ silent flight. We work on some other stuff with him, too, and last Saturday I got to spend some time just hanging out with him. He is a wonderful, sweet, silly, feisty bird and I love him, sharp talons and all.

As for the baby geese, they’re Sebastopol geese, a domesticated breed from Europe. Right now they’re at kind of an awkward half-feathered stage, which is hilarious and really cool to see their adult feathers sprouting from their baby fluff. Sebastopols have long, curly feathers that sort of look like a fluffy wedding dress. It’s funny…I started at WildCare because I wanted to work with owls, and I never really had any particular interest in non-owl birds, but now I’m going over there twice a week to hang out with 4 baby geese and a broad-winged hawk (and, of course, Valentino). I never thought of myself as much of a bird person, but apparently I really am! Birds are great. Fluffy little dinosaurs.

As a final interesting thing, I’m still making chainmaille jewelry, and I’ve gotten a bit better at photographing my work. Shiny updates:

Ooh, shiny!

I made this bracelet for myself as a graduation present. The 6 red-and-white Czech glass beads represent my 6 years as an IU student.

This is one of my favorite bracelets. Aqua glass beads and blue zircon Swarovski crystals among hematite-toned copper chainmaille.

Sterling silver-coated copper chainmaille with Swarovski crystal beads (light siam satin). This one took a while to make, but I love how it turned out.

Full Persian two-tone chainmaille punctuated by khaki-colored Czech glass beads. When I finished this bracelet, I believe the exact phrase I uttered was “Now that looks damn classy!”

I have a lot of bracelets that I haven’t photographed yet, plus a fantastic Byzantine chainmaille necklace. I’ll try to get good photos of those soon.


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