Oh, also

Right, that whole “finishing my MLS” thing. Don’t get too excited; I’m still not done…but this weekend I finished the project I had to revise, and with that I finished one of my 2 incomplete classes. That’s right, I get an actual grade (which will hopefully be a passing grade). This means that I am only one paper away from getting a few letters behind my name. Okay, so it’s a 20-page paper for which I literally have no direction whatsoever, never mind an actual topic, but I’ve written longer papers for less interesting classes. This class was a seminar in intellectual freedom, so at least I should be able to write about something I actually care about.

“By the end of January” is looking a little less than doable, so I’m telling myself now that I will get this done by the end of February, and at the very latest by spring break (mid-March). I suppose that will officially put my graduation date at May 2012, a year late, but not too bad considering the circumstances.

But for now…fuck yeah, one class done!


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