Easily distracted

About an hour and a half ago, I sat down to write a blog post, because it’s been awhile. Now, after playing with themes and headers for way too long, and not even really settling on a header I like all that much, I’m getting pretty tired and am pretty much just running on hope that whatever words I fling out will make some kind of sense.

The other day I purchased an exciting thing. I am now the proud owner of a Wacom tablet. After not actually all that much deliberation, I settled on the Bamboo Create. I played with it a little and got the driver installed on my big computer, but I left my big computer’s charger at home in Bloomington, and I’m at my parents’ house in Greenwood until Monday, so I haven’t gotten too much of a chance to play with my new toy. The software bundle it came with includes Photoshop Elements, Sketchbook Express, and a couple others, so that should give me a pretty good start. I’ve considered trying my hand at a webcomic, but there’s no way I could do one with recurring characters or a plotline. It would be more like the internet version of The Far Side, but with fewer cows. Regardless of whether I actually do that, I’m pretty excited to start figuring out more digital art.

I also ordered more stuff from JetPens this evening. I just happened to check, and I saw that they had new Staedtler Triplus fineliner colors out, so obviously I had to get those, and I ended up getting a few other pens and a smallish Nomadic pen case. I got a ginormous pen case for Christmas, which will be great for storage purposes, but on an everyday basis I’ll need something portable.

I feel kinda stupid blogging about “shit I’ve bought,” so I’ll move on to something entirely different later on…after I’ve slept. Tomorrow, or really today, is New Year’s Eve, and it’s the first time since sixth grade that I’ve had no plans at all. My siblings are all going out with friends, and I’ll most likely stay in with my parents. I don’t mind spending it with my parents, but it sucks pretty hard to not have any friends around. Such is life, though. New Year’s Eve is arbitrary anyway, since the calendar is arbitrary, so…have I grasped at enough straws yet? Seriously, I’m sure it’ll be fine, even if it doesn’t cross over into “exciting.”

chin not to scale.

jk, kinda.

In any case, now is sleeping time, and I have a teddy bear and a stuffed barn owl to cuddle.


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