A quarter of a century

So, I’m 25.

I haven’t celebrated yet (despite there only being 9 minutes left in my birthday) but I have family coming into town tomorrow evening and I’ve had a generally pleasant day. So, hooray for that.

I always get stupidly giddy right before my birthday, so I haven’t slept too well the past couple nights. I’m probably going to crash hard tonight, and you know what? No complaints. A weekend reserved for sleeping, crafts, and delicious pasta? Fuck yeah.

Updates soon on the crafty-type things I’ve been doing. A brief rundown: glass magnets, chain-maille jewelry, crocheted bunny.

Okay, well, it’s been real. Time for my quarter-century ass to get to bed.


WTF, I suddenly have pageviews? Awwwwrriiiiighhhttt.


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