So I thought I’d blog.

On occasion, my brain comes up with what I like to call “thoughts.” Thoughts are when words bubble to the surface of your brain and cluster together in at least a semi-coherent fashion to form a concept that, if only momentarily, makes sense. Not all thoughts are interesting. “I think I’ll make oatmeal” is a thought, but it is probably not interesting, unless you consider that I’ve been looking for lower-sugar strawberry oatmeal for months and just recently found it again at Meijer, which makes breakfast so much more enjoyable than it was the day before I bought the oatmeal. Oh, wait. That’s still not interesting.

My reason for writing about these so-called “thoughts” is that this blog, if all goes according to plan, will act as a repository for said thoughts. Sometimes I might write interesting things, and other times I might write about oatmeal. Chances are I’ll write about owls a lot more than I write about oatmeal, because owls can do cool things like scream and fly, things that oatmeal never ever should do. If your oatmeal has talons, be careful, it might be a cleverly disguised owl.

It might not surprise you at this point to know that I am really, incredibly tired, and while the things I’m writing make sense to me now, I somehow doubt this entry will be quite the same beacon of clarity when I reread it at my desk at 9am.

I just realized why I’m so tired. My brain thinks it’s midnight. Daylight savings time is still confusing to me.


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